Workshop – Introduction to Digital Instrument Design

DATES: 29 + 30/11 (2 days)
TIMES: 14:00-17:00 each day
VENUE: Pop Studio, Karpatská 2, 1st Floor Left
TUTOR: Kacper Ziemianin (PL/NL)

This workshop was developed as a result of the ‘DIY Electronics’ class that Kacper Ziemianin was teaching at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague and of the series of workshops with the same title, that he have given in various places over the last five years.
During the workshop you will be introduced to the basics of working with Arduino microcontroller and interfacing it with a computer software in order to generate, control and manipulate sound. We will use open source hardware and software (Arduino / Pure Data) to prototype an instrument using buttons, switches, potentiometers and sensors. We will start by looking at the basics such as setting up Arduino and running sketches, analog vs digital pins, Arduino programming environment, basic electronic, etc. From there we will get a bit more advanced by looking at the serial communication, connecting sensors to Arduino, reading values from sensors, and controlling sound parameters with them.
In the meantime we will look at some interesting examples of projects made with Arduino, where to look for more information and where to go next.

All participants are required to bring a laptop computer with pre installed Arduino IDE and PureData, both of which are available for Windows, Mac and Linux and are free.

Level: beginner / intermediate.
Capacity: 10
Registration necessary: