Jung An Tagen

Crystalline polyrhythms built into a precise structure. A transcendental ritual on the background of brutalist architecture. This Austrian electronic producer claims allegiance to the aesthetic of abstract textures championed by his colleagues Thomas Brinkmann, Florian Hecker and Mark Fell from the Viennese record label Editions Mego. In his take on molecular hypnotism, he just as distinctively combines forms of electronic composition with unpredictable ferocity and visceral repetition. His album Agent Im Objekt demolishes the boundaries between technoid unrestraint and the sterility of conceptual electronica and so frees the two genres of irritating stereotypical associations. The resulting ecstatic effect is further enhanced by an audiovisual performance, presented for the first time at this year’s Hyperreality festival.
Jung An Tagen is a participating artist of the SHAPE Platform for Innovative Music and Audiovisual Art, co-financed by the EU’s Creative Europe Programme. Presented in collaboration with Musikprotokoll festival